Sunday, June 21, 2020

SACA Saturday K-8 Online Championship (US Chess Rated) - Sat, June 27th at 1 pm PDT on!

Southern Arizona Chess Announces
US Chess Rated Online Tournaments
for K-8 Scholastic Players on!

In partnership with, Southern Arizona Chess is now offering US Chess rated online tournaments for scholastic players. ChessKid is a safe, secure and positive place for kids to learn and play chess with activities like puzzle solving, videos, playing against their friends and participating in tournaments.

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Tournament schedule:
DateDay TimeFormatLink to Register
6/27/20Saturday1 pm pacific4 rounds; G/15;+2

Tournament Prizes:

1st: $15 Amazon GC
2nd: $10 Amazon GC
3rd: $5 Amazon GC
4th: $5 Amazon GC
Top female (that does not win a GC): Free entry to the next SACA online championship.
  • Participation certificate emailed to all participants.
  • Prizes will be emailed 3-5 days after the tournament to allow for games to be screened for fair play.
  • Ties for GCs will be split between winners.

Tournament Format:
  • 4 rounds of G/15;+2. Rounds will be be paired consecutively after every game is completed from the previous round. There are no breaks between rounds.
  • Pairings based on a player's Fast Chess rating.
  • Tournament paired based on Swiss tournament pairing rules. 
  • Players compete in one section.
  • Pairings are done automatically by the system.
  • Tournament will be US Chess Online quick rated (does not affect US Chess OTB ratings). Tournament submitted for rating 3-5 days after the tournament to allow for games to be screened for fair play. 
  • Tournament is expected to last about 2 hours 15 minutes.
  • To get the most out of your online tournament experience, it's really important that you are completely prepared. Please follow our checklist.

Registration Details:
  • Open to all players in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • Not limited to southern Arizona residents.
  • To register for the tournament, fill out the Google form or use the form below.
  • Registration closes at 9 am pacific on the day of the tournament.
  • Entry fee can be paid here:
  • Or, you can receive a link from Paypal to pay the $15 registration fee.
  • Once the payment has been made you will receive confirmation you've been added to the tournament.
  • Players must have a ChessKid account (if you do not have have one, SACA will provide a free account to you).
  • Players must have a current US Chess membership. You can join or renew here
  • You will be added to a special ChessKid club for the tournament.
  • Byes cannot be requested.

How to Join a Tournament:
  • How to join a Fast Chess tournament
  • Tournament link will be shared the day before the tournament.
  • Tournament link opens up 15 minutes before the tournament starts.
  • Players must have filled out the Google form and paid the entry fee to receive the link.
  • Players are advised to participate in the tournament from a computer. It is not recommended to play on a phone or mobile device.
  • Players may be able to join the tournament late, but will receive zero points for any missed rounds. Limited late entry is available but is not guaranteed.
  • The tournament starts at 1 pm pacific SHARP. 
  • Reentry is not available.
  • SACA is not responsible for wifi connection or technical issues.
  • To get the most out of your online tournament experience, it's really important that you are completely prepared. Please follow our checklist.
Practice Tournaments:
  • Players that register for the Saturday scholastic tournament may also play in SACA's practice tournaments held each Tuesday and Thursday at 11 am pacific.
  • Practice tournaments give players a chance to learn how to join tournaments, the format of the tournament, and to play some extra games.
  • Upon registering for the Saturday tournament, players will be added to the SACA ChessKid club to play in the practice tournaments.
  • Practice tournaments are free to participate in.
  • Format is 5 rounds, G/5;+5.
  • Virtual medals are awarded to the top 3 finishers.
  • Tournaments are announced by email, ChessKid club message, and Facebook.
  • Practice tournaments are not US Chess rated.
DateDay TimeFormatRegistration link opens 15 min prior
6/23/20Tues11 am PDT5 rounds; G/5; +5
6/25/20Thu11 am PDT5 rounds; G/5; +5

Fair Play:
  • SACA will abide by ChessKid Fair Play rules & US Chess policies. US Chess rules & consequences apply.
  • Computers and outside help are not allowed.
  • Tournament games will be reviewed by ChessKid and SACA tournament staff.
  • Players found in violation of Fair Play policies are not eligible for any prizes and their ChessKid account will be removed from SACA's club. ChessKid & US Chess consequences may also apply.
  • Parents, please have your player watch ChessKid's Fair Play video and help them understand that it's just not worth it!
Questions: Email