Saturday, November 20, 2010

17th AZ State Grade Championships

The flyer for the 17th Annual AZ State Grade Championships has been posted on the events page. The event is January 8, 2011 in Flagstaff, AZ.

Meal coupons for the Little America Hotel can be downloaded from the following link:

Enjoy the event!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

League Match #2

League Match #2 will be held at Sam Hughes Elementary on Nov. 6, 2010.

Description: USCF Rated. Open to students in Kindergarten through 8th grade. All players in the Elementary (K-6) and Junior High (K-8) sections must be USCF members.

Individual/Team format Swiss System with 3 divisions: Junior High (K-8), Elementary (K-6), and
Primary (K-3). This is not an elimination tournament, all players will play all rounds unless they withdraw from the tournament.

Entry Fee: $8 per player. Each school is responsible for paying the school’s total entry fee on Saturday morning before the end of Round 1. Bring chess clocks and sets, none provided.

A flier is available here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Eastside Chess Club Resumes

Hello everyone!

This is a reminder that the Eastside Chess Club will be meeting regularly once again starting tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 6.

I look forward to seeing you there.

John Wright, Co-Manager
Eastside Chess Club

Saturday, June 5, 2010

US Amateur West Concludes!

Another US Amateur West has come to a close. 161 players played 499 games in 7 sections (not including the Blitz tournament) this past weekend. Congratulations to this year's winners!

Top Prizes
  1. Andrew Lebovitz (5 - 1)
  2. Joesph Kruml (5 - 1)
  3. Bryan Hu (4.5 - 1.5)
  1. Raymond Tan (5.5 - 0.5)
  2. Jeff Semmens (5 - 1)
  3. Alek Pensky (4.5 - 1.5)
  1. Evan Kuo (5 - 1)
  2. Neal Schrodetzki (5 - 1)
  3. Zac Smith (4.5 - 1.5)
Saturday Scholastic
  1. Gabriel Gutierrez (4 - 0)
  2. Dylan South (4 - 0)
  3. Ivan Andreopoulos (3 - 1)
Sunday Scholastic
  1. Alexander Vogel (3.5 - 0.5)
  2. Gabriel Gutierrez (3 - 1)
  3. Vishwa Srinivasan (3 - 1)
Monday Scholastic
  1. Alexander Vogel (4 - 0)
  2. Milind Jetty (4 - 0)
  3. Ivan Andreopoulos (3 - 1)
A complete prize list is available here. The tournament has been rated.

Thank you to GM Alejandro Ramirez who was there all weekend to analyze the players' games and for his Sunday simultaneous exhibition. Thank you to Karen for organizing this year's event and to all the players for participating in it. See you all at the Ye Olde Pueblo!

Final Standings:
Saturday scholastic tournament results
Sunday scholastic tournament results
Monday scholastic tournament results
Blitz results

Sunday, May 30, 2010

US Amateur West Day 2 Update

We have completed another day of the US Amateur West Championship. We have 160 players participating in 3 main sections, 3 scholastic tournaments and various other side events. But with just one more day, the games are starting to get more tense!

In the championship section, defending Amateur West champion, Joseph Kruml (2170) is the lone 4 - 0 in the field of forty-nine. But right behind him, with 3.5 - .5, are top seed Bryan Hu (2180) and Pavel Savine (2012), who drew each other in round 3. With two more rounds to go, the title is far from having been decided.

The reserve section, like the championship section, has one perfect 4 - 0 player remaining. Raymond Tan (1500) is half a point of ahead of close friend, and top seed, Jeff Semmens (1590) and brother Rex Tan (1391), each with a score of 3.5 - .5.

Evan Kuo (898) leads the booster section with a score of 3.5 - .5. He is followed by a pack of six players with 3 - 1 who intend to make his path to victory a bumpy one.

The scholastic section completed another 1-day event. Twenty-one players in the K-6/U1000 tournament participated. Leading the way was Alexander Vogel who scored 3.5 - .5 points.

GM Alejandro Ramirez has been here all weekend analyzing games for the players. This afternoon, he also put on a simultaneous exhibition back taking on 12 opponents at once. Derek Chen (1671) was the only blemish on Alejandro's record of 11 wins, 0 losses, and 1 draw. Derek received a complementary entry into the Ye Olde Pueblo for his effort.

Tomorrow is the final day as we wrap-up with rounds 5 and 6 in the main tournament and the final scholastic tournament of the weekend.

Current Standings:
Saturday scholastic tournament results
Sunday scholastic tournament results

The Calm...

The US Amateur West is underway! We have over 160 players signed up for this weekend's events. We started off with the Friday Night Blitz event. Ashu Thakur and IM Levon Altounian tied for first. There was even a rare Enrique Huerta sighting. Who knew he could play chess? (Editor's note: I saw his games, there's still debate as to whether he can play chess.)

The Storm...

Two rounds done and four to go. The first of three scholastic tournaments has completed. Gabriel Gutierrez and Dylan South finished tied for first with a score of 4 - 0. Today is round 3 and 4, the second scholastic tournament, and the GM Ramirez Simul.

Current Standings:

Monday, May 24, 2010

US Amateur West this weekend!

The US Amateur West is this weekend, May 29 - 31, at the Holiday Inn on Palo Verde. The tournament is a 6 round event open to players rated 2199 and below (USCF). There will also be three, 1-day scholastic tournaments (4 rounds) open to players in K-6 who are rated below 1000 USCF.

Prizes include:
Free entry to the National Open to 1st place in Championship and Reserve sections.

Championship Section: Chronos chess clock + plaque to 1st - 3rd Place.

Reserve Section: Chronos chess clock + plaque to 1st, Digital clock + plaque to 2nd, 3rd.

Booster Section: Chronos clock + trophy to 1st. Trophy to 2nd-5th.

Scholastic Sections: (each day) Digital clock + trophy to 1st. Trophy to 2nd-5th. Trophy to Top U800, U600, Unrated. Perfect scores that don’t win the clock will receive 1 yr. of USCF Membership.

Other Prizes: Top 2 Family Pair in the non-scholastic sections. Biggest Upset of each round (Championship, Reserve, or Booster only). Chronos clock to Scholastic player with highest combined score for all three 1-day tournaments.

Plus digital clocks and plaques to each rating group U1200 - 1999!

There is still time to register for the event. Just go to the SACA webstore and register there, or print out a flier and mail in your registration. But hurry! Because the entry fees go up on Wednesday!

Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez returns to analyze your games between rounds. Additionally, he will also give a simul on Sunday. The simul is open to all players, not just those playing in the event. Space is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat early.

The weekend begins Friday night with a blitz tournament. Like the simul, the blitz tournament is open to all players, not just those playing in the event.
Date: Friday 5/28/10; Location: Holiday Inn Palo Verde; Format: USCF Rated, G/5, 5 Rounds, Double SS; Entry Fee: $10 ($15 to non-tournament players); Reg.: 6:00–6:45pm at site; Rounds: begin at 7:00pm Prizes: ($$b/20) $75-$45, Top U1600 $30, Medallion to top K-12, K-8, K-6.

We look forward to see you this weekend!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Opryland Hotel filling with water

For those of you that have been to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel for chess tournaments, this footage is shocking.

Many Tennessee counties are being declared disaster areas as rising flood water is causing damages estimated to be in the billions.

Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 State Scholastic Championship has concluded

The 2010 Az State Scholastic Chess Championship was this past weekend at the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde in Tucson, Az. 568 students from all over that state participated in the 2-day event. Congratulations to all of the 2010 State Champions! Complete standings are available on the SACA website. The tournament has already been rated by USCF.

K - 1
1. Cayman Treptow (7.0 pts) *
2. Zachary Hauben (6.0 pts)
3. Conner Revak (6.0 pts)

1. St. Cyril School (18.5 pts) **
2. St. Michael's School (18.5 pts) **
3. Killip Elementary (18.0 pts)
Primary (K-3)
1. Richard Qi (7.0 pts) *
2. Thayer Aletheia-Zomlefer (6.0 pts)
3. Benjamin Hong (6.0 pts)

1. Killip Elementary (20.5 pts)
2. Harelson Elementary (20.0 pts)
3. Sam Hughes Elementary (20.0 pts)
Elementary (K-5)
1. Ethan Li (6.5 pts) **
2. Kendrick Nguyen (6.5 pts) **
3. Tony Yim (6.0 pts)

1. Manzanita Elementary (20.5 pts) *
2. Lineweaver Elementary (20.0 pts)
3. BASIS (Scottsdale) (16.0 pts)
Elementary (K-6)
1. Alec Andersen (6.0 pts) *
2. Thomas Mathine (5.5 pts)
3. Sumhith Aradhyula (5.5 pts)

1. Doolen Middle School (17.0 pts) **
2. Killip Elementary (17.0 pts) **
3. Orange Grove Middle School (16.5 pts)
Junior High (K-9)
1. Kinsleigh Wong (6.5 pts) *
2. Derek Chen (6.0 pts)
3. Tyler Sypherd (6.0 pts)

1. Esperero Canyon Middle School (20.0 pts) *
2. Orange Grove Middle School (19.0 pts)
3. Chandler Preparatory School (18.0 pts)
High School (K-12)
1. Kevin Zhang (6.0 pts) *
2. John Williams (5.0 pts)
3. Nick Thompson (5.0 pts)

1. Catalina Foothills High School (17.0 pts) *
2. Gilbert High School (16.5 pts)
3. Pinnacle High School (12.0 pts)
* - State Champion
** - State Co-Champions (trophies were awarded in tie-break order)

Complete standings for the Blitz tournament are also available.

Kevin Zhang will represent Arizona at the Denker Tournament of High School Champions which will be held this summer in Irvine, CA in conjunction with the 111th Annual US Open.

Thank you to the players, coaches, parents, and staff that made this year's event a complete pleasure and success!!!

KOLD news coverage of the tournament

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Az State Scholastic Championship - In progress

Over 560 players have stormed the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde in Tucson, AZ for this year's state scholastic chess championship. The participants will play 7-rounds (6 in high school) over the 2-day weekend to compete with players and schools from across the state for individual and team titles.

There are still 3 more rounds tomorrow and lots of chess to play!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Levon Advances to US Championship

IM Levon Altounian has advanced to next month's US Championship. Levon won a spot in the tournament by defeating Damir Studen 1.5 - .5 in the finals of the ICC Champion of Champions tournament.

The US Championship will take place May 14 - 25 at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. The tournament will include 24 of the top players in the country competing for the title and share of the $170,000 prize fund.

The 24 invited players include:
  • The defending U.S. Champion - GM Hikaru Nakamura
  • The winner of the 2009 U.S. Senior Open Championship - GM Larry Christiansen
  • The winner of the 2009 U.S. Junior Championship - GM Ray Robson
  • The top five qualifiers from the 2009 U.S. Open Championship - GM-elect Alex Lenderman, GMs Sergey Kudrin, Alex Yermolinsky, Dmitry Gurevich, and Jesse Kraai
  • The winner of the 2010 ICC State Champion of Champions - IM Levon Altounian
  • The top 11 U.S. players by rating of the United States Chess Federation:
GM Gata Kamsky
GM Alexander Onischuk
GM Varuzhan Akobian
GM Yury Shulman
GM Jaan Ehlvest
GM Alexander Shabalov
GM Gregory Kaidanov
GM Robert Hess
GM Melikset Khachiyan
GM Joel Benjamin
GM Ben Finegold
  • Four wildcard spots - TBD
Congratulations, Levon and good luck!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championships

The 2010 Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championships are being held in Tucson at the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde on April 23-25. A flier for the event with tournament details is available at the SACA website.

In order to play in the event, players much first qualify. Qualification requirements are as follows:
To play in the AZ State Scholastic Championships, a player must qualify a “slot” at a Regional Qualifier. A school may bring the number of players equal to the number of slots qualified at all regionals +1; a team qualifying exactly two in a section may bring 4 players in that section. Players in: K-1 who wish to qualify for the K-1 section do so by either playing four rounds OR by scoring three points, in any section of any qualifier; Primary, Elementary & Junior High must score at least 3 points at a qualifier; High School do not have to qualify.

The last remaining chance to qualify in Tucson is the Tucson Scholastics (RQ 2), being held March 27 at Harelson Elementary. There are other qualifiers being held throughout the state and players in the Southern Region are allowed to play in those events. Contact us if you need a list of other qualifiers being held in the state.

Registration for the event can be done online at the SACA website. Select the tournament in the left side bar and registration information will load in the main frame. USCF membership is required for this event. You can check the status of your USCF membership here. If you need to join USCF or renew your membership you can do it online at the USCF website.

The special room rate at the Holiday Inn is $69/night (single/double) and $89/night for a suite. Mention "SACA" or "chess tournament" when you reserve your rooms. The phone number for the hotel is (520) 746-1161. You can also book your rooms online.

This is also a Blitz tournament Friday, April 23. Registration for that event is also available at the SACA website. There are no qualification requirements. USCF membership is required as well.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this event.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Craig Jones wins 2010 US Masters

National master Craig Jones won the 2010 US Masters tournament held March 13-21 in Hendersonville, NC. Craig finished with a score of 7/9. Craig Jones is a former Tucson resident who coached the Castlehill Country Day School to the National Elementary title in 2002.

Levon Altounian advances to finals of State CofC tournament

IM Levon Altounian is one step away from winning the 2010 State Champion of Champions tournament and earning a bid into the US Championship. Levon won the Arizona State Championship last September in Scottsdale.

On March 24-25 the Internet Chess Club (ICC) hosted the Qualification Rounds of the Champion of Champions tournament. The qualification tournament was 17 rounds of 3-minutes Blitz against the other State Champions from the Western States. Levon took second place in the tournament with a score of 15 points (+14 =2 -1) out of 17. His only lost was to 1st place finisher IM Sam Shankland (16 pts.). (View Levon's games.)

On March 30 the top 2 finishers of each conference faced off in a 25-minute, 2-game playoff. Levon avenged his previous defeat but winning both games to advance to the finals. (View Levon's games.)

The finals will take place on April 11 at noon (Arizona time) on ICC.

Good luck to Levon!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

RQ1 and RQ2 Results Posted

Results for RQ1 and RQ2 are now posted on the website at:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tucson Scholastics (RQ2) this weekend

Just a reminder that the Tucson Scholastic (RQ2) is this weekend at Harelson Elementary. This is your last chance to qualify in Tucson for the Arizona State Scholastic Chess Championship. The State Scholastic Championship will be April 23-25 in Tucson at the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde.

The Tucson Scholastics (RQ 2) is a 5 round tournament with 6 sections.
K - 1 Qualifier
K - 3 Qualifer
K - 6 Qualifer
K - 9 Qualifer
K - 6 Championship *
K - 12 Championship *

* The Championship sections are NOT qualifers for the State Scholastic Championships. Players should not register for these sections if they're trying to qualify for the State Scholastic Championships.

USCF membership is required for this event. You can check the status of your USCF membership here. If you need to join USCF or renew your membership you can do it online at the USCF website.

Registration for the event can be done online at the SACA website. Select the tournament in the left side bar and registration information will load in the main frame.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Tucson Open is complete

The 2010 Tucson Open was this past weekend at the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde. We had 178 participants in the Open, Reserve (U1800), Booster (U1400), Saturday and Sunday scholastics sections. The event as already been rated.

Top Prizes:
Open Section
1-2. Levon Altounian and Jason Mueller [4.5 - .5]
3-4. Joseph Kruml and John Gurczak [4 - 1]

Reserve (U1800)
1. Nate Cromer [5 - 0]
2. Tony Yim [4.5 - .5]

Booster (U1400)
1. Jared Huggins [5- 0]
2. Alan Valenzuela [4 - 1]

Saturday scholastics
1. Jose Castillo [4 - 0]
2. Denham Carlisle [4 - 0]
3. Henry Wang [4 - 0]
4. Garrison Smith [4 - 0]

Sunday scholastics
1. Stephanie Burchard [4 - 0]
2. Jose Castillo [4 - 0]
A complete prize list is available on the SACA website.

Also, Steve Farmer has a video analysis (and tournament recap) of a Round 5 game between Bryan Hu and Jason Mueller.

The tournament was organized and run by Karen Pennock. Thank you to all who made this a wonderful event!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010