Wednesday, October 2, 2013

2012-2013 Landon Brownell Memorial Chess Scholarship Recipients

The SACA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the recipients of the Landon Brownell Memorial Chess Scholarship for the 2012-2013 chess year. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide support to Southern Arizona scholastic chess players who have demonstrated excellence in chess and a desire to further their chess development.

The recipients were confirmed at the SACA Board meeting held on 9/30/13, and should be receiving their official letter this week.

The SACA Board congratulates these players on their rating achievement and looks forward to their continued chess success in southern Arizona.

2012-2013 scholarship recipients:

3rd Grade: Jonathan Martinez. Eli Cindrich, Brian Belakovsky

6th Grade: Ryan Thompson (Honorable Mention), Daniel Shevelev (Honorable Mention)

7th Grade: Ethan Li, Sreekar Bommireddy (Honorable Mention)

8th Grade: Xiexan Wang (Honorable Mention)

9th Grade: Rohan Mittal, Bohan Li (Honorable Mention)

10th Grade: Bryan Hu, Kinsleigh Wong (Honorable Mention), Derek Chen (Honorable Mention)

12th Grade: Steven Pennock, Justin Arnold (Honorable Mention)

For more information about the Landon Brownell Memorial Chess Scholarship and for eligibility requirements, please visit:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tucson Scholastic Warm-Up Results

Thanks to all who attended the Tucson Scholastic Warm-Up on Saturday and thank you to Warren Elementary School, Principal Robin Dunbar, and Coach Mitch Shacter for hosting! 

The tournament has been rated, and results can be found here:
Tournament results are as follows:

Section A
1st: Quinn Hudson 
2nd: Brian Belakovsky
3rd: Michael Simon 
4th: Yulia Savine
5th: Robert Leenhouts

Section B
1st: Derek Liang
2nd: Ryan Zou
3rd: Kennedy Warrilow
4th: Trey Allen
5th: Drew Smith

Section C
1st: Kesav Chandran
2nd: Hunter Holt
3rd: Annelise Allen
4th: Damien Hardin
5th: Nghishawn Nguyen

Section D
1st: Isabelle Simon
2nd: Reece Cain
3rd: Gregory Allen
4th: Austin Rigg
5th: Alexander Hoover

Section E
1st: Francesca Pieroni
2nd: Anthony Somohano
3rd: Ray Xiang
4th: Nitish Bhamidipati
5th: Ulysse Worrall

Section F
1st: Aaron Steele
2nd: Connor Belakovsky
3rd: Eleonore Worrall
4th: Alexander Yee
5th: Lucas Dent

Non-Rated Section
1st: Natay Buss
2nd: Allan Chavarin
3rd: Cipriano Herrera
4th: Armen Moomjian

5th: Mical Clark