Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tucson Scholastic Warm-Up Results

Thanks to all who attended the Tucson Scholastic Warm-Up on Saturday and thank you to Warren Elementary School, Principal Robin Dunbar, and Coach Mitch Shacter for hosting! 

The tournament has been rated, and results can be found here:
Tournament results are as follows:

Section A
1st: Quinn Hudson 
2nd: Brian Belakovsky
3rd: Michael Simon 
4th: Yulia Savine
5th: Robert Leenhouts

Section B
1st: Derek Liang
2nd: Ryan Zou
3rd: Kennedy Warrilow
4th: Trey Allen
5th: Drew Smith

Section C
1st: Kesav Chandran
2nd: Hunter Holt
3rd: Annelise Allen
4th: Damien Hardin
5th: Nghishawn Nguyen

Section D
1st: Isabelle Simon
2nd: Reece Cain
3rd: Gregory Allen
4th: Austin Rigg
5th: Alexander Hoover

Section E
1st: Francesca Pieroni
2nd: Anthony Somohano
3rd: Ray Xiang
4th: Nitish Bhamidipati
5th: Ulysse Worrall

Section F
1st: Aaron Steele
2nd: Connor Belakovsky
3rd: Eleonore Worrall
4th: Alexander Yee
5th: Lucas Dent

Non-Rated Section
1st: Natay Buss
2nd: Allan Chavarin
3rd: Cipriano Herrera
4th: Armen Moomjian

5th: Mical Clark

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