Saturday, April 12, 2008

US Amateur Team Playoff this weekend! - Update

On Saturday, April 12 the four winning teams from each of the regional Amateur Team Championships will face off against each other on the Internet Chess Club (ICC). Representing the West is an Arizona Team of Robby Adamson, Landon Brownell, Jonathan Cox and Ben Marmont.

The first round is at 10:00am (local time).
South vs. East
West vs. Midwest

The winners of the first round will play against each other at 3:00pm (local time) to determine the title.

Good luck West!!!

Update - The West team won their first round against the Midwest with a score of 3-1. Their likely opponent will be the South at 3:00pm. The finals are viewable on ICC.

Sad conclusion - The West team made it to the finals, but sadly lost to the South with a score of 1-3. Congratulations on a great play-off and for finishing in 2nd Place!!!

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