Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Landon Brownell (1989 - 2009)

It is with deep regret and sadness that we report the passing of Landon Brownell. We were informed yesterday by Landon's father, Roger Brownell, of his passing.
Landon Brownell passed away this morning in a single car accident as he was driving home from his brother Bryant's wedding. He will be remembered by all as a loving brother, son, grandson, and friend. Your prayers are welcome during this time. He is with the Lord.
Landon was a former scholastic player in our community. He participated on the Orange Grove middle school and Catalina Foothills high school teams during his time here in Tucson. He helped lead his teams to 4 National Championships in 5 years. Individually, Landon achieved a ranking of national master, he was the Arizona High School champion twice, and the National High School champion in 2006.
Beyond the individual honors however - and most importantly - Landon cared about others and was a dedicated member of the team. As his school coach at Catalina Foothills High School, I witnessed first-hand Landon embracing the team concept, often without prompting by anyone. To prepare for Nationals over the years, Landon and his father, Roger, would invite students from Foothills, regardless of their ability, over to their home on the weekends to play training games with each other. Landon would review the games with his teammates, always in a gentle and constructive manner, regardless of result. - Robby Adamson
Landon was more than just an accomplished chess player. He was an accomplished young man and a role model to people of all ages. Landon and his family have touched many lives in our community and he will always be remembered.

Donations, in memory of Landon, are being accepted by the Southern Arizona Chess Association (SACA), P.O. Box 42407, Tucson, AZ 85733.

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Anonymous said...

I always thought Landon was the epitome of my view of chess players as I have come to know them--competitive, brilliant, and a little quirky in the best of ways! Landon was gracious and kind, and I cannot recollect a time when I didn't see him smiling. Amanda, Phil, Ian and I will have a hard time thinking back on tournaments without remembering Landon as a part of them, and that memory will make us smile. This tragedy should make us all hug our loved ones extra hard every time we see them and tell them just how wonderful they are, as life is just too short to miss even one chance to do that. My prayers are with Landon's immediate and his chess family. Diana Mateer

Anonymous said...

i havent played chess since the seventh grade, but the one person i remembered most was Landon. I faced him multiple times and though we were both around 1500 at the time he crushed me over and over again, he was a true talent. The One thing i remember most about him was he always wore a suit to all of the tournaments and was known as the "suit-kid". I thought about him often when i reflected on my chess days and when i heard about this tragedy i was shocked and deeply saddened. Rest in Piece Landon.

James said...

I met Landon at the 2007 National Go Congress. I was bored of go, and desperate to find someone to play chess with. My friend told me that I was not the only chess player at the tournament, and he introduced me to Landon. We played a couple of blitz games, and I realized that I'd never met anyone so modest. A few years later, to my great surprise, I was lucky enough to meet Landon again at the 2008 Nationals. In the first round he was playing one of my friends from TJ High School. I noticed that Landon was always willing to look over games with his opponents, even when they were much weaker than him.