Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SACA Logo Contest

SACA is holding a contest to find a new logo. Along with being immortalized for all time (or until we need a new logo again) the winner of the contest will also earn $150. We are looking for a logo that will "be the face of SACA". Something that can be usable on our website, fliers, trophies, t-shirts, chess boards, etc. (Rumor* has it that Robby is thinking of getting a tattoo.)

What we're looking for:
  • A maximum of 3 colors.
  • No shading/fading effects.
  • The bigger the better (pixel size, please don't paint the side of a building).
  • The higher the resolution the better.
  • The logo does not have to have "SACA" in it. Feel free to invent the next "Swoosh".
Other contest rules:
  • Deadline for submission is June 13, 2009.
  • All entries submitted to SACA will become the property of SACA with all rights for use granted.
  • The preferred file format is png (The winner may be requested to provide additional formats.).
  • Hand-drawn entries are accepted, but ultimately they'll have to be "digitized".
Send all questions and entries here. If you have a hand-drawn entry, contact SACA and we'll figure our a way to get your entry to us.

* There is no truth to this rumor at all. Robby is not thinking about getting a tattoo... it's actually Jon Shacter who's thinking about it. :-)

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