Friday, May 11, 2012

2012 US Amateur West Championship

The US Amateur West turns 20 years old! This year's tournament marks the 20th Anniversary of the event. US Amateur West May 26-28, at the Holiday Inn - Palo Verde. The tournament is open to all players rated under 2200 (May Suppliment).

The available sections include:
  • Championship (U2200)
  • Reserve (U1600)
  • Booster (U1200)
  • Scholastic I (K-6/U1000) *
  • Scholastic II (K-6/U600) *
 * The scholastic sections are three 1-day tournaments (Saturday, Sunday and Monday). Players can play one, two or all three days.

Registration is available online at the SACA webpage. A flier with all the information is also available.
This year's chess celebrity is IM MacKenzie Molner who will be available each round to analyze your games with you. Additionally, he'll give a simul on Sunday for anyone (tournament and non-tournament players welcome!) who wants to challenge him.

The chess weekend starts off with a Blitz tournament on Friday night at 7:00pm. Registration for that event is available online or at the site. EF is $10 ($15 for non-tournament players). Prizes are ($b/20) $75-$45 and Top U1600 $30. There are also prizes for Top K-12, K-8 and K-6 players.

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