Tuesday, November 20, 2012

League Match #2 Team Results

SACA League Match #2 was held on November 10, 2012 at Doolen Middle School.  Thank you to all of the chess players, parents and coaches who participated!

Special thanks to our wonderful parent and high school volunteers for helping us monitor the playing hall, to Equipment Manager Jennifer Shacter for setting up and overseeing equipment sales, and to SACA President Troy Oberg for collecting registration payments.

SACA President Troy Oberg and Chief Tournament Director Martha Underwood

Tournament results are as follows:
Junior High
Anand - Doolen-A and BASIS North are co-champions
On tie breaks - 1st: Doolen-A, 2nd: BASIS North, 3rd: Tortolita

Anand - 1st: IST-A, 2nd: Manzanita, 3rd: DeGrazia
Kramnik - 1st: Corbett-A, 2nd: St Joseph, 3rd: Carden-A
Kasparov - 1st: IST-B, 2nd: Whitmore, 3rd: Corbett-B
Karpov - 1st: Harelson-B, 2nd: DeGrazia-C, 3rd: St Joseph-B

Anand - 1st: Manzanita, 2nd: Castlehill, 3rd: Khalsa
Kramnik - 1st: Manzanita, 2nd: Copper Creek, 3rd: Canyon View
Kasparov - 1st: Khalsa, 2nd: Whitmore, 3rd: DeGrazia

Parent and High School Volunteers assisting in the playing hall

We look forward to seeing you at League Match #3 on December 1st, 2012 at BASIS Oro Valley!

Thanks to Levon Altounian for submitting the photos for this post!

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