Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SACA League Match #4 Team Results

Thank you to all of the chess players, parents, coaches and volunteers who participated in SACA's League Match #4 on Saturday! 

Team results are as follows:
Junior High 
Anand - 1st: BASIS North, 2nd: BASIS Tucson, 3rd: Manzanita

Anand - 1st: IST, 2nd: Canyon View, 3rd: BASIS North
Kramnik - 1st: BASIS Tucson, 2nd: Carden Christian A, 3rd: Khalsa
Kasparov - 1st: DeGrazia C, 2nd: Carden Christian B, 3rd: Corbett

Anand - 1st: Castlehill, 2nd: Sonoran Science A, 3rd: Manzanita A
Kramnik - 1st: Whitmore, 2nd: Khalsa C, 3rd: IST A
Kasparov - 1st: Sam Hughes A, 2nd: DeGrazia B, 3rd: DeGrazia A

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