Thursday, March 19, 2009

Regional Championships

This passed weekend at Sierra Middle School was the Regional Championships (RQ1) chess tournament. Over 220 players participated in the 5-round event in 4 sections based on grade (K-1, K-3, K-6 and K-9). This was also the first opportunity in Southern Arizona for players to try to qualify for the State Scholastic Championship which will be held April 25-26 in Gilbert, AZ.

Region Champions:
K-1 Individual:
1st Place - Kennan Gaibel (Harelson Elementary) 5-0
2nd Place - Davis Mullins (Hermosa Montessori) 4.5-.5
3rd Place - Kyle Plumb (Neely Elementary) 4-1

K-1 Teams:
1st Place - Hermosa Montessori 15 pts
2nd Place - Castlehill Country Day School 12.5 pts.
3rd Place - St. Cyril's 12 pts.

K-3 Individual:
1st Place - Sreekar Bommireddy (Lineweaver Elementary) 5-0
2nd Place - Daniel de la Fuente (Castlehill Country Day School) 4.5-.5
3rd Place - Jacob Vanderleeuw (St. Cyril's) 4-1

K-3 Teams:
1st Place - St. Cyril's 13.5 pts.
2nd Place - Lineweaver Elementary 12 pts.
3rd Place - St. Joseph's 11 pts.

K-5 Individual:
1st Place - Ethan Li (Lineweaver Elementary) 5-0
2nd Place - Rohan Mittal (Harelson Elementary) 4.5-.5
3rd Place - Bohan Li (Lineweaver Elementary) 4-1

K-5 Teams:
1st Place - BASIS 15 pts.
2nd Place - Lineweaver Elementary 14.5 pts.
3rd Place - Khlasa Montessori 13.5 pts.

K-9 Individual:
1st Place - Kinsleigh Wong (Esperero Middle School) 5-0
2nd Place - Peter Angeli (Orange Grove Middle School) 4.5-.5
3rd Place - Yurila Isoe (Doolen Middle School) 4-1

K-9 Teams:
1st Place - Orange Grove Middle School 15.5 pts.
2nd Place - Doolen Middle School 13 pts.
3rd Place - BASIS 11 pts.

A complete list of standings for all sections is available on the SACA website. The next chance to qualify for the State Scholastic Championship is the Tucson Scholastics (RQ2) on March 28. Register now!

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