Friday, March 22, 2013

Regional Championships (South Regional Qualifier #1) Results

Thank you to all of the players, parents, coaches and volunteers who attended the 2013 Regional Championships on Saturday, March 9th!  Congratulations to all of the players who qualified for the State Championship in April! 

The tournament has been rated-results can be found here:

2013 SACA Regional Championships Individual Results

Andy Li - 2013 K-9 Regional Champion
2nd: Ruturaj Patil
3rd: Sam Watson
4th: Ryan Hornby
5th: Daniel Lohrman
6th: Sreekar Bommireddy
7th: Daniel Rodriquez
8th: Jared Van Allen
9th: William Fehmi
10th: Tyler Hedrick

Zak Cancio and Gary Li - 2013 K-6 Regional Co-Champions
3rd: Angela Kinsey
4th: Romy Nicole Benito
5th: Michael Simon
6th: Kaushal Bhat
7th: Traigh Kirkeeng
8th: Quinn Hudson
9th: Benjamin Kruse
10th: Cruz Nunez
11th: Trey Trejo
12th: Lukas Meitz
13th: Ricky Zhou
14th: Joseph Kennedy
15th: Daniel Shevelev

Scotty Bonser, Jonathan Martinez, and Ethan Pieroni - 2013 K-3 Regional Co-Champions
4th: Aleks Bekker
5th: Spencer Allen
6th: Austin Troike
7th: Max Coy
8th: Ashwin Mittal
9th: Nicholaus Moore
10th: Kenzo Pretzinger
11th: Armando Lang
12th: Yulia Savine
13th: Luke Eberbach
14th: Suraj Shah
15th: Aidan Jung

Brady Hong and Raj Keswani - 2013 K-1 Regional Co-Champions
3rd: Henri Murthy
4th: Zayde Hamdan
5th: Zoe Iacomini
6th: Nitish Bhamidipati
7th: Sameer Vasudeo
8th: Zain Ahmed
9th: Quinn Smith
10th: Daren Crusenberry

One of our great volunteers, Barbara Warrilow, recording scores

K-1 Section
K-6 Players

K-1 Players

K-1 Section

2013 SACA Regional Championships Team Results

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy & BASIS Oro Valley - 2013 K-9 Regional Co-Champions
3rd: BASIS Tucson North
4th: Tortalita Junior High

BASIS Tucson - 2013 K-6 Regional Champions
2nd: BASIS Tucson North
3rd: Manzanita Elementary
4th: Alice Vail Middle School
5th: Montessori Schoolhouse
6th: Harelson Elementary

Manzanita Elementary - 2013 K-3 Regional Champions
2nd: Ventana Vista Elementary
3rd: Khalsa Montessori
4th: Sonoran Science Academy Sunset
5th: International School of Tucson
6th: Sam Hughes Elementary

Khalsa Montessori & Sonoran Science Academy Sunset - 2013 K-1 Regional Co-Champions
3rd: Copper Creek Elementary
4th: Robins Elementary

Very focused K-6 section

K-3 Players in deep thought
Getting ready for the awards ceremony

Halfway there!

A special thank you to Leonard Cain, coach at Carden Christian Academy, for the great photos!

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